Thursday, 29 August 2013

Kickstarter and Lazy Gaming...

I've backed a couple of Kickstarter projects, but one of them fits in quite well with my previous post.

The guys over at Wargames Bakery have come up with this really easy basing method 

Rather than buying a job lot of resin bases, this provides a larger inverted resin base, that you simply 'press' your prepped base on to, opening up an almost endless number of individual but themed bases. 

This really will revolutionise my army building. No more getting PVA and sand stuck to a models inner thigh! Just press, set, paint and glue. 

Space Marines: Base effect

This is just a quick update showing the effect of the Agrax wash over the Army Painter Battlefield Brown basing material. 

I like it, it has a good scorched earth quality. I'll apply a quick drybrush and a few tufts of grass and boom, sorted! Relatively easy too, which is a massive plus for me. 

I'm not quite sure what the brown refction is on the Marine's right side is. I'm sure I wasn't that messy with the Agrax... 

Once I've finished basing the rest of the army, I'll finish off with lenses and purity seals. I really think just another solid day at it and I'll be done! 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Space Marines: A weekend on the brush!

Seems this little outlet has inspired me already.

I lied on my last post. This isn't an Eldar update. Here's why.

I had about 1500pts of Space Marines (Home Brew Chapter - name undecided) sort of painted up. 

As mentioned on my first post, I start gaming projects but never seem to finish them, so rather than get my Eldar up to the same level of unfinished-ness as my Marines, I thought I’d finish the Marines!

They were undercoated black, had an over brush of Lead Belcher, a Nuln Oil wash, a dry brush of Belcher then a light dry brush of (can’t remember). And this is where I’d left them. All sort of started but not nearly finished.

SO this past weekend, I painted the guns black and dry brushed them lightly with Charadon Granite. I painted the Terminators power fists and chest eagles with Khorne red then applied a red wash (again, I forget which). The power armour sergeants got red chest eagles/power fists and the Dev Sgt got a red helmet.

They still looked under done, so I painted all the exposed heads with Tallarn Flesh, applied an Ogryn Flesh wash and then a light highlight with Tallarn Flesh. Getting there.

Finally I applied Army Painter Battlefield Brown basing material. Looking much better now. And finally I have started to wash the bases with Agrax Earthshade.

I’m really liking the look now. I still need to do some last details, such as plasma glow, power weapons, lenses – but the monochrome and red looks pretty good IMO, and has a Sin City Vibe. 

Here's a little look:

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Old Eldar

Let's have a little photo.

These are some of the old Eldar minis I had kicking around. Note the 1990s GW Blood Red on everything. 

Is that ORANGE highlight on Blood Red? I believe so! 

White undercoat and wash, shoddy drybrush = done. 

Man, the 90s were awesome. 

These dudes, along with many others, have been stripped back and primed ready for a new lease fo life. 

That will be covered by the next Eldar update. 

Ok so, let's start here...

I’m not lazy per se. I just struggle finishing... stuff.

I have a full time job, a house, wife and pets. And I’m trying to get established as a photographer.

Sadly, this leaves little free time to get stuck in to my hobbies. Specifically war gaming.

Sure, I have *some* free time, but I’ll usually spend that dossing around or watching some crap on TV. Not a good use of time or resources.

So after a conversation with my mate (who’s hopefully setting up his own blog soon) I decided to start this little Blogger as a motivator to get my arse in to gear and make time to enjoy my hobby.

Over the next few weeks/months/years I hope to update and finish my Space Marine force (1500 pts, aprx, about 80% done), my New Old Eldar (1250 pts, aprx, undercoated, about 20% done with about another 2k points in a box).

Then I’ll delve in to my first true gaming love – BLOOD BOWL. For this system I have Human, Orc and Skaven teams to paint or repaint.

My Lizardmen need a few final bits and bobs painting up.

Then after that I have the IoB Skaven.

Some old Chaos Warriors up in the attic.

And I really like the look of the Infinity range.

So lots to be getting on with...